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Find Specialized Resources Just for Youth



SOCIL provides effective tools, addresses special concerns, and connects you to resources and services.


SOCIL works together with parent and child to identify goals, modifications, accommodations, and support services that need to be incorporated into the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


  • SOCIL offers guidance for the transition from pre-school to elementary as well as middle school to high school
  • SOCIL offers guidance for the transition into post-secondary education, such as college or a career/technical program;
  • Connects you with employment services that work with you to define an employment goal, and match your strengths, abilities, and interest;
  • SOCIL directs you to resources to learn more about disability benefits, and asset building opportunities to help you build a healthy financial future.

High School Transition Resource Guide



A High School Transition Resource Guide is available for students and their families as they prepare for life after high school. Click below to access these guides.



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