Making the World More Accessible

Engage. Enjoy. Participate.

See how we are helping individuals with disabilities fully participate in life: 

We Help Eliminate Barriers

SOCIL offers a wide variety of services to help people with disabilities live independently.

Girl with special needs working with therapist

You Have the Right to Empowerment

SOCIL believes that people with disabilities have the right to choices and opportunities in society that support and maximize their empowerment, inclusion, leadership, independence and full participation in community life. 

Unique Support
for All Ages

We are a non-profit, non-residential organization assisting people of all ages with all types of disabilities. Our unique core foundation is based around peer relationships - people with disabilities assisting other people with disabilities as role models and mentors. 

Boy with special needs in wheelchair
Mature woman with Down's syndrome
Couple communicating with sign language
Mother holding her daughter with Down syndrome

See How You Can Thrive

Become Part of Your Community

From advocacy to skills training to school transitions, SOCIL is here to help.

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