Connect with Adaptive Resources

SOCIL links you to resources that offer a variety of adaptive items from eating utensils to screen readers, magnifiers, and ergonomic keyboards. Assistive Technology Websites:

Blind man working on computer with screen reader and braille

Portable Ramp

Should one suddenly acquire a disability, either temporary or permanent, and find themselves in need of a portable ramp, it can be borrowed for a period of time, up to 90 days, at no cost.

Autism: Boardmaker Software

(Onsite use only) Allows parents, teachers and therapists to create talking books, behavior supports, schedules, reward charts, practice lessons and more for use in classroom, therapy sessions, community and at home. Call to schedule a time to use the software or for a demonstration.

Autism: Sensory Items

Every child’s sensory system is unique. You and your child’s occupational or physical therapist may want to try different sensory items to see how your child responds. SOCIL’s sensory items are available to be borrowed to “try-out” prior to making purchases. Items available in both Fairfield and Hocking County include: Vibrating snake, Dog hand-held massager, Grab-n-Balls, Yuk-e-Balls, Wedge Seat, Time timer, Pressure Vest, Tote Around Hound, Lap Lander, Weighted Power Vest.

Daily Living Aids

Items available to assist with daily living tasks are: Molded Sock Aid, Dressing Stick (short/long), Button Hook/Zipper Pull, Reaching Tool, Magnifying Glass.
The process is simple. Call the Center to see if the item is in-stock. If the equipment is available, you can arrange to pick it up between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Monday through Friday).

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